Cast and Crew

Andre Weideman

Andre Weideman


A graduate of the Stellenbosch University’s theatre program, Andre has been acting on stage and screen for over a decade. Andre has just completed filming his role as Captain Hardcourt in Starz Entertainment’s "Black Sails".


Johann Vermaak


Johann Vermaak has worked in various spheres of film, theatre and television, appearing in numerous commercials, music videos and TV series. Johann is currently a puppeteer for the satirical news TV show, "Puppet Nation".


Jenna Saras


Since 2005 Jenna has focused on acting and has recently been seen in Simon Hanson’s "Apophis", Starz Entertainment’s "Black Sails" and the South African feature "Skeem". Jenna is currently prepping for Stephen Campanelli’s "Momentum".


Mauritz Grundlingh


An actor by trade Mauritz's affinity for working behind the camera, has seen him producing projects, like the documentary "Crumbs". Recently Mauritz has returned to acting and can be seen appearing in numerous music videos and short movies.


Wolfgang Weissenstein

"Mob Boss"

Wolfgang has been performing on stage and screen for the last fifteen years and has recently been seen in the AMC television series “The Prisoner”.

Alex an los

Alex An-Los


Alex is a multi-disciplined martial artist with over 20 years experience and founder of the hybrid close quarter combat system AMACRA. An actor and fight choreographer, Alex can be seen in season two of Starz Entertainment's "Black Sails".


Francois Coertze


For Francois, a career in rugby and the corporate world were not enough to satisfy his passion for acting. He can be seen in numerous short movies shot in Cape Town as well as season two of Starz Entertainment's "Black Sails".


Amrish Shah

Executive Producer

Amrish worked for the London Script Consultancy before moving to Cape Town to study film, where he partnered up with two film school friends to start Bounceboard Productions.


Adam Donnelly

Director / Producer

Adam has been a script researcher for the past 10 years. Recently he has moved into directing, editing and producing independent work.


Ronan Steyn


A former journalist for Burn Media, Ronan was a finalist for the Jameson First Shot in 2012. He also co-wrote the film "Behind The Wall", the 2012 C&CI In Zero Short Film Competition winner.


Max Milne


With a background in directing, Max’s style is visual and descriptive. A two-time finalist in the Jameson First Shot Screenwriting Competition he is also the co-writer of the award winning short movie "Behind The Wall".


Warrick Le Sueur

Director of Photography

Co-founder of Bounceboard Productions in Cape Town, Warrick's work has been nominated for numerous awards such as the Loeries (winner of a Bronze Loerie), M-Net Tag Awards and the South African Film and Television Awards.


Denton Carstens


Denton currently plies his trade a cast co-ordinator. Over the years he has honed his skills as a filmmaker by shooting and editing a variety of projects, including music videos, short films and documentaries.


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